This November we will be sending out all perks to all the people who support “The Bond” crowdfunding campaign.

We’re really close to finishing the production 😊

¡Thank you so much!

Thank you message with all the backers. Vintage radio, a speech balloon comes out with a heart in it.

We’ve been very busy the last three months producing some explainer videos here and there, therefore there have been a delay in the production and the delivery of all perks.

But we’re back on track and our first reward is the portrait of Lingie Granados in “The Bond” style.

¡Muchas gracias Lingie por tu apoyo!

gracias Lingie por tu apoyo!

On April 1st we will launch our crowdfunding campaign for "The Bond", but it won't be a fresh start. Here you can take a look at the storyboard which has been useful to organize the whole plot and each shot as well.

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